Cupcakes & friends

Proof of peeps..
While it rains everyone will squish in the shop.. Good thing OK OK is GINORMOUS!
Oh Hai Peter! What up?
Zombie Moments! Rocked out in the Mezzanine..
Birds eye view of a handsome bunch... Hi friends..
Mood lighting.
Cupcakes. Proof of eating.
The boys. 2/3rds of Zombie Moments..Last 3rd far left in white. Hi Lani!
I made these effing cupcakes and you're effing going to eat them. Happy Birthday OK OK!
Mad props to Michael Pham, Phamwich, Pham-mail.. for the pics & his super fun dance stylings AND force feeding everybody cupcakes. A good kid to have around. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME & SUPPORTED US. LOVE! xx


Let's SK8 like it '88!

Further to my obsession of ALL things yellow, I am thinking about getting these amazing skateboards at OK OK for the Summer. 

Brunswick is well known for it's very active bike riding community but something about having these POP! plastic boards on our streets carrying hipsters in Vintage from Ray's to the Vic Hotel (we don't want to get puffed out now do we?)appeals to my 1980's heart. 
Penny Complete Skateboards are made here in Australia, fit in your backpack and are a remake of the original plastic injection moulded boards from the mid 70's. They come in under $150! SO, I need some feedback, who thinks this is a good idea for OK OK? Comment on this post or send feedback via email or on Facebook. 

What is the equivalent of Peter Pan for women? Whatever it is, yup! That's me! xx


Shoe shot.

Aranha Floc $85/ Sandals.. That means Spring. Do you hear that Melbourne? You can't argue with the sandals!!

My learning disability was out in full force sabotaging my life today. As it does. It is now...how many days till the end of Winter?? Oh, just 7days shy of this event and me? I STILL GOT CAUGHT OUT TODAY! Sunny morning..Of course, don't bother wearing a coat or layers, no, no! It's Spring see. No need. It won't turn, it can't it's too pretty and warm to just fricken back flip on yo ass.... Weekly people. Weekly this is what my day begins with. One way or the other I fail to remember, well, yesterdays mistakes and learn from them... Is it pure stupidity or my dedication to be ever the optimist? Don't answer that.

Joking+Lovefoxxx $95/ They're foxes. See? I have them making out because I am a child.
Ultragirl Animals $95/ Lots of animals available.


On a high note, Melissa shoes came in. Bored with the million and one real things I should be doing like tax, paperwork, design, production, organising the shambolic state of my shop, my business, my life! I thought it was time to try on pretty bubble gum shoes and take photos of them for y'all. I seriously CANNOT believe I ordered so many shoes.. Can. NOT! Also CAN NOT believe how many pairs are coming home with me.


Vivienne Westwood+Ultragirl Bows $155/ Stupid cute..Stupid. Cute.
Marine Flower $90/ Nana time. Pom-pomalicious!
Ultragirl+Alexandre Herchcovitch $140/ Genius..Studded..Digitally printed...Delicious
Vivienne Westwood Zen Girl $135/ From now on when you see me this is what my feet will look like. It's LOVE!

I thought it would simply look weird if I tried on the men's shoes, my feet are freakishly small in proportion to my statuesque physique (ahhhhhhemmm!). So, guys, just letting you know, plenty, PLENTY of new M ZERO's in stock. And by new I mean the ones I already had, a few new colours and more sizes. Because they're perfect and you shouldn't f**k with perfection.

K. Shallow show lady signing off. xx 


From Dream to reality..

I have long had an obsession with the colour yellow. It's a particular type of yellow. It ranges from point A. super bright & perfect yellow let's call it, and spans far across the Pantone rainbow to neon yellow (ignore the 'all-the-kids-are-wearing' neon trend- my concern is not with them- this love of Neon yellow is a legitimate and real love- not some flippant 'trendy-must-have-this-season' Love).

It is true of course, that where fashion is concerned, yellow is a misunderstood misfit which clashes with just about everybody's skin tone. Cruel but true. I don't fall into this category and can safely say I look shit-hot in yellow (it's true, I've been told). Mostly though, it's a colour that should be reserved as an accent, a peaking out hint, an accessory colour or part there of. Insert perfect bag of my dreams & in my imagination...

Hello I love you won't you tell me your name?

“Laurent Sauvé Beach Sling”.

Be still my beating heart! This bag is Handmade by...Hands, in Portland, Oregon by a label called Vanport Outfitters. This bag appeals most to my heart but the entire range is so on the money it's not even funny, honey.

I am currently working on extracting this bag from my dreams and importing it into my reality.. Just in time for the two of us to welcome Springtime to Melbourne.. Together.. I will love you, Laurent Sauvé Beach Sling and hang with you all the long days of summer...

Sheepishly called spring a few days ago *pulls at collar*...

Oh Jil Sander. It's as though you went inside my brain and dragged out the colours of my Spring time dreams... You will see what I mean when you cop an eyeload of OK OK socks range for Summer.. Check out the yellow & aqua below. Represent! OOoooo & AAAAhhh. Reacting heavily against Melbourne Black (although I'm wearing the Melbourne uniform today..'cept my nails are greeeeeeen!).

[There are currently some rad Cats outside my shop here in Sparta place talking about politics.. A well informed discussion of intelligent views.. I want to go out there and join in or ask if they want to share a big Green group hug, but instead I'll just swoon about how much I love Brunswick, how happy I am with my life..so on and so forth...Shooting out positive vibes into the atmosphere that all will come good this evening.]


You're wrong Kermit!

Contrary to a wise, adorable, fabric frog- it's EASY being Green. 

Vote 1: Australian Greens.

Bob Brown is an inspiration, I feel pointless and vain by comparison and love this man. He is good people. This party is the only option in Australian politics which resonates with me. True story. It's love. 

On the pointless and vain part.. I am applying layers of green nail polish between sentences and am devising a green outfit to rock to an election party tomorrow. Yup.

Election Day for this here country: Saturday 21st of August: Exercise your right to vote at a primary school near you! If you don't know where to go, find it here.


Dancing & Politics

Is it bad form to talk politics when your blog is intertwined with your business??? Ha ha ha... See how I asked that question like I care about etiquette. As if.

I am voting in the Melbourne Electorate. I'm psyched. Despite the fact that Australian politics actually makes me Larf my ass off, I will for the first time EVER feel that my vote is actually going to mean something.


In other, unrelated news, I was starting to think that perhaps I was turning into a bit of a wanker. Blah, blah MIFF this, look at me I watch films about artists and important artistic movements in New York in the 70's & 80's.

Sunday. Hangover. Victoria Gardens. Hoyts. Sprite. 3-D glasses. 1xBFF AND... Step up 3-D. Because y'all are so effing highbrow & have not most likely even heard of this movie, above is the trailer for your viewing.

Oh my god so funny! All I can say is 0% body fat, ZERO story line & NO actors (apparently you can make a movie without actors, who woulda thunk it). What it DID have were starved, plastic children, who admittedly could dance, were dressed in NIKE & filmed doing dance routines then they sticky taped said scenes with some other random RIDICULOUS scenes where they talk to each other (not sure why they bothered) added a hip-hop & R&B soundtrack and called it a film.

So, so bad that it was hysterical.

Consider me leveled.

Vote bitches! Saturday 21st of August find out where @ http://www.aec.gov.au/election/where-can-i-vote.htm




The King get's a facelift..

I came to work this morning to find that our trusty mascot, the King (Leonidis) had been tramped up overnight. I'm guessing he was made up around 10:30 last night with a Mac coral lippie and aqua eyeliner. Who would do such a thing? 

I'm finding myself strangely attracted to him.. I never realised he was such a spunk. Apparently he's into boys though. Typical. Story of my life..


It will hurt my feelings if you don't come...

This is your official invite to my party. OK OK turns 2. Major draw cards are probably the kick ass entertainment, 3 piece band Zombie Moments & dj Mr.Mister & if I know you, which I do, cupcakes, champagne & beer just might sweeten the deal. To top it off I'll throw in some gifts & hugs.
@OK OK Shop 16 Sparta Place, 459 Sydney Rd Brunswick. Thursday 19th of August from 6-9pm. If the font size doesn't burn that into your retina & through to your memory bank then I will be sure to send you a reminder....x OK OK

(PS: This is a disclaimer to say that the cupcakes, will be Vegan AND there is a chance I might not even make them if I'm too busy so don't come just for the sweets..I promise I will try though.. Hugs will depend on how I'm feeling as well so if you're coming for the express purpose of a hug you might be disappointed- if you really need it, I will do my best. What else?? Oh, I'd really love you to come so please come! And please, please use up your xmas and birthday wishes to ward off rain for the evening otherwise we're screwed.. There will be an after party at the VICTORIA HOTEL just around the corner for anyone who wants to continue with the celebrations, I haven't asked them if I can have the party there yet so hush! Last thing, Mr. Mister is his real name, it's not a DJ name- believe it even though Facebook doesn't.)


Go to here

Our friends at Tinning Street are back and are having an opening next week for the latest exhibition Shadow Boxing on Thursday the 12th of August. I will not be missing this because it's one of those things that are not to be missed. So don't ok?

Loveletter to Gaspar Noe

So after 16 films MIFF finally delivered! And with undoubtably the best film I have EVER EVER EVER seen. Yep, NUMBER 1!

The few words I can find to give you SOME idea about the experience are: mind-blowing, revolutionary, unbelievable and downright astounding!

Gaspar you are a genius and have just taken over as top spot for my favourite artist of all time.

5 seconds into the opening credits (which are also the end credits) I whispered to my friend that it was already the best movie I had ever seen, not realising it was actually about to be the best movie I was to ever see. Watch below and see what I mean.

I have nothing further to say on the topic except if you don't watch this film, we can no longer be friends...



Just saw Trash Humpers. It is with great surprise that I tell you I was surprised erring on the positive side, as I expected less. It actually had a very loose, frayed thread of narrative and it certainly was, something else.

Well now I'm just using this blog like an extended Facebook update. I need a boyfriend and/or to stop going to movies on my own.


Look at the bright side

Oh Google images! How you shock and delight me! My new funnest game when I'm blogging is to type in a word in google images from which to get a pic for this here blog. Once I typed in Harlequin. Umm.. Scary (still traumatised, can't go into it!).

Today I typed in 'HAPPY', this was not the first picture that came up. Amongst the smiley faces, fluffy kittens, birthday illustrations etc... there are a few questionable porn style images which rake it into the top 10. Oh right of course, Happy New Year spelled out on bare ladies bum cheeks. Sure thing (!).

Ok. My point, Melbourne is tre gloomy this week! Urgh and blurgh! Enough already! Also, despite my tights empire, I am SICK TO DEATH of wearing tights under my jeans and even more sick of negotiating the many layers it takes to keep warm without looking like the Michellan Man (woman- whatevs). Particularly thanks to the already lumpy 'winter coat' one manages to acquire this time of year (thanks slow metabolism/big appetite!).

To cheer myself up, I got me one of these new OK OK skirts to put on today. This picture does not do it justice (let's face it, neither would a 2-D image of my butt in it so this is the desirable option). The skirt is rad. The back is pictured here, it has an über chunky zip which has a fake leather trim. This baby is high waisted and thick and stretchy with darts to assist so it hugs ya all over. This little minx is retailing at OK OK exclusively for $129.
Also, these pants are in and brand spankin'. Pictured here very poorly with my Iphone the colour is bullshit amazing! It's like copper & khaki had a baby. The cut is really great too and they are unisex of course. Pleated, high waisted (for the ladies or with room to spare for your junk for the fellas), tapered leg etc... I got the biggest size and wear them really baggy with the cuff rolled up so my sexy little ankle socks are showing (of course there are woolen tights under said socks 'cos it's freezing!). These puppies are $169. They also come in gunmetal which is almost black but not.

Back to the point. This serious winter blues period can only be cured with retail therapy because let's face it, it's time to get the winter coat off so snuggling up with comfort food on the couch with back to back episodes of the Wire is Spring fashion/social suicide (no pressure!).

OK. BACK TO WORK! Now where did I put that motivation...???


How to give your tired looking Shop a facelift for it's 2nd Birthday

Step 1: Take one ordinary shop (ahem! As if!).
Step 2: Enlist über cool local artist Max Blackmore to conceive, design & execute some awesome shit.
Step 3: Get said artist up a ladder on a dangerously windy day in the wind-tunnel that is, Sparta Place and make yourself useful by holding the ladder (safety first children! Yes, Max & I talked that morning & made sure to co-ordinate his undies to my jumper- these things are very important).
Step 4: Final touches ("Max can you get back up the ladder so I can take a photo from this angle please? Yup, that's good.. Thanxs").

& VOILA! Facelift! Thanks Max. You're rad. Love your work. Love my new shop..

This is a commemorative artist commission for OK OK's 2nd Birthday (eep!). Stay tuned for details of the bash coming sooooon. Bang!

In case I didn't bang on enough about Max in my post earlier on in my Blog spool then here it is again: Max Blackmore AKA Max Design'n'shit @ http://www.maxdesignandshit.com/ & http://www.tinningstreet.blogspot.com/