Finders Keepers..

OK OK shall be representing its new socks ranges here on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of my birthday month (that's October- catch up!). You should check this event out. It will be radical. 

I'll be sunning myself on a tropical beach on the Saturday, because that's how I roll & my peeps will be manning the fort (and doing all the hard work like setting it up!) but I will breeze in there for the Sunday and make merry with the Punters. 

Can't wait...

Well.. Can't wait for the Tropical Beach thing even more but, y'know, don't want to brag too much :)


Melbourne, let's talk...

When you do this...

Then this.. Every 5 minutes, every day....

I feel like this. Get your shit together. Seriously.

[Footnote: I want this clown onesie so bad it hurts]

Rad to the power of Sic

I am possibly the milliontieth person in the world to post the pictures of Phyllis Galembo on their Blog. I don't care. If I introduce these eerie, phenomenal pictures to one person who hasn't seen them, then I will love myself forever.
I know right???!!!!!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@
Scared witless! WTF??!!!
Oh Hai! Just hangin' with ma homie and ma bebeh...She got pink hair. WTF?!!
Fabric is for fools. Me? I just cut some goddamn grass and wraps it round my body bitches coz that's how I roll. Natural fibers? That's what I'm talkin' about!


Lady crush


Sorry about the picture quality but seriously. Check out this ladies phenomenal work. SUPERSTAR!


Very busy, very bloody important

Just read over some posts I've written recently because this is the best blog there is and like you I can't get enough of it. Above is me [proven by the yellow t.shirt & elastic waisted jeans] and how I feel about reading the appalling grammar I've been subjecting you to. Soz. 

See I'm very busy so I type this stream of consciousness nonsense and I think I'm making sense but it would seem that it's all just gibberish. Again. Soz. 

So while this apology for my unacceptable spelling and grammar has taken me a couple of minutes to thrash out, going back and editing each individual post would take like a million painful and boring years and like I said, I am very bloody busy so get over it.

I promise to try harder in the future OR, you could get a life and stop being so clever. Peace out. xx

DUH! Obviously the girl is having a fricken brain hemorrhage 'cos they've asked her to spell hemorrhage at a Spelling Bee. Thanks again Google images for depicting my inner most thoughts in picture format.


New Window display

I am beginning to consider myself quite the Brunswick Art Patron. Recently I had the talented Max Dns wheatpaste some OK OK hands on the facade of my humble Sparta Place shoppe.

I was so chuffed with Max's work I decided to get some more artwork at OK OK. I asked Somedumbcunt a local artist and self-proclaimed nuisance, to unleash their artistic whimsy on my Shop this weekend and they came up with the fabulous new window display pictured above.

When I interviewed Somedumbcunt and asked what their inspiration was for the piece, which shattered tiny little shards of glass throughout the entire shop and took me several hours to clean up this morning (I mean everywhere! Like all the way to the furthest corners of the changeroom at the back of the shop), they answered:

"I basically delved deep inside myself to the core of my self-hatred, awoke my inner asshole and decided to act out a most selfish and pointless excercise. I was drawing on age old stupidity of acts of violence decided upon in a split second of total disregard for anything but my own putrid self importance." (Read: I was bored so I threw a fucken brick through your window then split).

Interesting. The window display @ OK OK is open to the public for 1 day only as the glass is being replaced tomorrow. 

Thank you Somedumbcunt, I was starting to like people again but you have reassured me that that is terribly unwise and I should stick to thinking most people are stupid assholes. xOK OK