This is what's going on..

Mostly, hella bored trawling through images of AW11. I get it, beige is the new black. I get it, pants are short. Yes I get it, pretty much womenswear is all about c**ckblocking.. I get it. Here are a few wins I came across though. Sometimes life is just too stupid you just gotta get ironic, get colourful and get happy!

Are they gloves? Is it a catsuit? I don't effen care I want to dress like Batlady!

Totally amazeballs. Colorz. Letterz. A Whole knitted outfit? This is for me.

As it should be, Jeremy Scott won my heart this season.
Why? Because it's fun. Stop being so serious.

Yes. There is always a yellow theme. Hello! Yellow FTW!

I want this skirt so much I don't even know what to do with myself..

Paisley teamed with paisley over paisley? Hell yes, thanks JW Anderson.

Paisley with matching paisley?

Paisley and hella awesome shoes?


Did someone say plastic-fantastic?

I am getting off on being a major Cheese-ball at the moment. Quite the feat considering I'm a Vegan and have no animal products in my make up, except for my sheer animal-magnetism (see! I'm an unstoppable dag machine wrapped up in a dad joke! Hellllp!). These should ease the pain of tragedy...

Gaetano Pesce: Available in Blk, red, beige and clear $155

Patchouli: Available in Red, Black and Beige $145

Vivienne Westwood Wedge: Available in Black, beige and blue $185

Jean Paul Gaultier Stiletto: Available in Neon, black and Olive $260

Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl Bow: Available in blue and black $155

Available at OK OK shop as of Saturday 12th of February!!