Good Show

The VERY talented artist herself: Belinda Wiltshire: Cute to boot!

I go on about the ridiculous talent spilling from every crevice and pore of Brunswick. It's because dear friends, there is some ridiculous talent spilling from EVERY crevice and pore in Brunswick. Not the least of which is the super-talented Belinda Wiltshire who not only runs the brimming with beauty arts hub, The Pea Green Boat studios in Tinnning street, not only styles TV commercials and video clips, designs costumes and sets for various shows year-round, builds racks with her bare hands (see yellow rack on a dry day in Sparta Place) and too many other things to name... BUT is also a talented as hell artist in her own right. 

I have lately been too slack to post timely information about important stuff on this blog (sorry 5 followers!), but it's not too late till the show closes SO get your butt to Belinda's beautiful exhibition ASAP. It's an extraordinarily stunning body of work titled The Other Woman and it's on until the 30th at Kick Gallery in Collingwood. Do it. 

The Other Woman: New works by Belinda Wiltshire runs till October 30th @ Kick Gallery, 4 Peel Street Collingwood: Open tue-fri 11-6pm & Sat 12-5pm

Jamie Fame: New Menswear @ OK OK

The Desert Sky: Enzyme washed tee $99
The Fog: overdyed blk singlet $69
The Fog: Organic Cotton Enzyme washed Tee Blk $79
The Fog: Organic Cotton Enzyme washed Tee Navy $79
The Lust: Overdyed Olive Blk T $90
The Ring of Fire: Overdyed Navy Shirt $149

New to OK OK, Jamie Fame menswear collection SS10/11. Ummm...Totally awesome! A brisbane label that is made in Australia like we love. Lots of yummy organic cotton and fancy things like silk conditioning (this is a touch thing- as in you MUST touch these- incredible!). So grouse!. And of course, the colours are totally inline with the OK OK thing we gots going on here. 

Also some new OK OK basics. I am FINALLY paying attention to the Menswear section. It is paying off. Come and get robed fellas.

Oh and stay tuned, very soon (I hope) I will be turning the upstairs into entirely Menswear. That's how bloody dedicated I am to the cause. A whole floor for my homies. Word.