Hear ye!

I'm selling off the Melissa shoes I have in the shop at the moment to make room for what's sure to be the next post- Melissa Summer! The first of 3 drops we'll be getting and it hits our shelves next week sometime. 

Out with the old.. In with the new.. I have about 100 boxes of shoes I NEED you to help get off my hands. Don't be shy. Plenty of sizes right now but who knows how long they will last. I'm tipping- not very!

OK OK Shop 16 Sparta Place 459 Sydney Road Brunswick- 


OK OK hearts Melody Nelson


Friend boasting alert! Just want to tell you guys about our lovely neighbour in Sparta Place, Melody Nelson and give you a heads up about their online store. Recently launched, it's definitely worth checking out immediately. You know when you need to get a gift, but you're so bloody busy and important you can't get out there to browse through the stores? And actually, you don't want to give people you love some crap, made in China they could easily buy for themselves anywhere. Further more, because you're so bloody amazing and spend your days single handedly saving the world, you naturally want to do the right thing by supporting a local business. But let's face it, you also possess outrageously tremendous taste so it's got to be beautiful! It'll even come to you in the post wrapped. All you have to do is write the card. Now while you're loving yourself sick for being so clever, you must reward your special self with something like this freakin' awesome bag by Rona Green for $35. Hop to it!

Browse the online shop here, visit the actual shop here