Men's Fash

Basically, if I were a man, I would be buying up second hand army shit OR in lieu of this (because cool Army fodder has almost disappeared), Burberry Prorsum Menswear. Brilliant save for the massive use of leather (we know I'm not hip to that Jive). I'd also be getting me one of these puppies from Fjallraven (pictured below). I stole this reference from a customer who told me he'd scored one online for a great price. He's rad, like all OK OK folk are and knows what up? in the world of fash' (you know those ones who've done a stint in London? You know?! Of course you do!).

What is it with this army gear obsession I have? I am such a peace-lovin' hippy when it comes to politics and ethics and such and THEN- I have this crazy side where I just loves me a khaki garment built to invade/defend a nation.. I can't even go with the outdoorsy practical excuse because I'm not really. I can and will camp but I'd rather rent a beach house with a dozen friends and drink red wine indoors with a few dozen bottles of red and an open fire. Is it my 80's obsession?? They did the look on Degrassi (I just got sidelined for about an hour looking through pics of Degrassi to get a good example of this and came up naughts- however I did decide that Liz was by far my favourite character- how come all I hear is "Spike this", "Spike that" and don't even get me started on that Caitlin! Ps: NEVER discuss The New Generation with me...). This is totally unrelated but I'm thinking SS10/11 me, this hair circa 1988 sported by Liz O'Rourke (Cathy Keenan)? Thoughts? BTW, my SS10/11 boyfriend will NOT be wearing a Hawaiian shirt a'la Joey let's just get that straight right now.

Where were we?? O man. Off the track, Burberry menswear, Army obsessions, Degrassi, hairstyles... Already looking to Summer... OK. I'm gonna call it a blog post done. Peace out..


Cutie Patootie

The wagon and I, sojourned to visit with my big sis' and the neice and nephew yesterday. Amelia A.K.A Milly (pictured sweetly above) referred to her little 1 y.o bro', Jett, as "Cutie Patootie".

I happen to think Miss Milly, that you're pretty "Cutie Patootie" youself, like ALL OF THE TIME, not least of all in the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes your aunty Mina brought over as a gift. Milly was of course to pick out a colour (Yes- I'm crazy enough to actually get VW shoes for toddlers in the store but I draw the line at having 2 pairs of designer shoes before the age of 5- I'm not a total lunatic).

I took this opportunity to play dress ups with her and take poorly lit shots on my Iphone to Blog the shit out of these sweet shoes, surprisingly, the neice wasn't really up for it. She just wanted to dress up in her fairy costume and play this boring fairy game we play. Totally missed the whole fairy thing as a kid. Had they not been invented yet? Yes, I am a killjoy. Look out Santa, you're going down!

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Kids shoes in Blue & Light Peach $105ea @ OK OK. So. Cute.


Mexican Sunday ramblings..

Really? 'Trippy'?I trecked to Smith street today, with a spectacular craving for a black bean burrito. Waited for about 15minutes for what turned out to be a cold burrito AND it didn't have any soy cheese despite my ordering and paying for it. Insult to injury? They were playing Massive Attack 'Protection'. That shit has aged and should no longer be played in public. Anyone? Seriously! Upside- knowing the burrito was made in a meatless kitchen :) Most notable downside- it's no Las Olas which is hands down THE best Mexican I have had outside of California- screw you Las Olas for only being located in Torquay and Geelong. They're selling franchises though so can someone please put me out of my misery and open one in Brunwsick? You will make millions (off me). I'd do it my self but I'm sooo busy bloggin'.

Trippy Taco 48A Smith Street Collingwood; Las Olas shitty non Melbourne locations here


Sound installation @ OK OK

But seriously, The Landing gallery is still closed so there isn't really a legit sound installation at OK OK. Sometimes I just make shit up. Saturday, however, a super-cool friend of OK OK popped in with her SPEAKR BOX that she has collaborated on with her boyfriend. This nifty little unit plugs into any headphone jack and requires no power. Ipod, MP3 player, Laptop. Compact and portable. Cute as a button AND stylish... Now being sold at OK OK for $60smackers. Loves it.

Check it out here / make friends with it here / buy it at the best shop in town (duh!)

Last night I joined what felt like everyone in Melbourne, in opening the new 'show' at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. Yeah, it got opened real good.

'Always Moving (A performance laboratory in several parts) brings an active month of performance, sound, cinema, and event-based art to Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS). In a unique exhibition and mini-festival, Always Moving will transform GCAS’ galleries into a lively hub, spanning a broad scope of performance happenings from Australia and abroad. Running alongside the exhibition is the Always Moving Event Series which hosts an unrivalled line up of talented curators, performers and artists.' Word.

The pic above is of one of the pieces obliterated last night by masses of hipsters unleashing their 'week' (take that Monday 11th-Friday 15th of June 2010!). As I watched slender bearded men and be-fringed, waifish lasses in vintage dresses wack the wall with a two-by-four, I pondered whether there would've been less carnage had this opening been on a Tuesday night and had the wine been $5 and not $2. I had had a perfectly wonderful week so didn't feel the need to fuck-shit-up but happily partook in the $2 wine.

Highlight; Bum Creek playing inside a foiled jumping castle contraption with hand held fluoro tubes lighting the figures and their mayhem. How do they come up with this shit? Looked so good, sounded awesome. The last time I saw these guys was at the Muppet tribute show thingy at the Thornbury theater a little while ago. Their
Yip Yip Alien number was hands down the best thing about the whole production (sorry Kamahl!). It was like the video below but dark and like everyone had suddenly had their 'brown' acid kick in. Kids and parents were leaving.. Ahh the lols. I was in total bliss and awe. Last night they totally Yip-Yipped it up again. Round 2 just as good. No but seriously, it was a serious experimental performance and very seriously good. For serious.

Always Moving @ Gertrude Contemporary Arts Space Runs from Now until July 17th. Get comfy with the itinerary as there is some great stuff to view and experience. You shouldn't miss this.

As a small business owner I would like to say.....



New discoveries in Melbourne Town..

I recently went to a great gig at this new Gallery in Brunswick. I consider myself to be quite a Brunswick-o-phile so of course I love this and plan on going to every single opening from now till the end of time. Sadly I was a little slow with the discovery (or more so lazy/busy to get there sooner)and missed the first couple of shows. Luckily they have a great blog with many pictures for the unfortunates to peruse and covet.

Shows include Max Blackmores 'Shitscapade' (otherwise known as Max Design'n'shit/ also co-owner of this wonderful space). Max's work has been making my days around Brunswick for ages in the way of his artistic wheatpastes (seriously just did about half an hour of research to work out what the hell you call the process he uses- thanks for wasting my youth artschool!). It's a little on the down low but OK OK & Max have a little collaboration project in the works (TBA).

Another discovery worth hollering about is Sunshine & Grease. OK. Here I've been so late on the up-take it's just embarrassing. This place is onto venue 2 and I only just caught wind. Now it makes sense that I didn't know about this one because I'm just a stupid fashion chick but if you consider yourself to be someone who's in the know with all things art and music then you should know about this already. If you don't, shame on you, start redeeming your sorry ass by visiting Pat on Queens Parade in Clifton Hill.

There's a story behind this but I hate to go on (?!) so you should discover it for yourself here keep up to date with all things Gallery and shop related here.

Current show Reverse Engineering runs until Saturday the 26th of June. Make sure you check that they're open on their seriously slick looking website as they tend to keep enviable opening hours.

Thanks Melbourne for being Rad.

More big-ups to come.


Tinning Street gallery
Lot 5, 29 Tinning St, Brunswick (Look out for Max's work on the building).
Sunshine & Grease 9, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill- blink and you will miss it but worth making sure you find it.

Freezing in Sparta Place much?

Geez Louise it's cold today in Brunswick! Good thing the weather and I can cross-promote. New coats in today I picked up from my Maker yesterday. Seriously limited with random sizes and colours. This is my fave- amazing royal blue with shiny buttons.

Come on. Get warm.


Model is my Pal Amelia (hi Amelia) Coat, made in Brunswick $169. Shoes Troupe by Melissa x Alexandre Herchcovitch $170. Tights; models own (traitor- she should so be wearing OK OK tights but whatevs, I'll forgive her- she makes me rad vegan lunches and we have picnics on the bench together).


Holy shit!

Are you there God,

It's me, Emina....

So, the other day people, I had a bit of a religious experience. I am vegan. I went to La Panella. Enough said. Ha, ha. As if. I have no good excuse for having never been to this pastry Mecca before and now that I have been I can only say that it's because I am crazy in the coconut. I kinda knew what I was missing but didn't really know till I got there, know what I mean?

The picture above was stolen from a great blog I read http://veganmelbourne.blogspot.com/. My pie was eaten out of a paper bag with sauce smudged all over it as well as my hands, face, clothes. My car Henry.. You get the messy picture. All this 'cos I'm a self important busy-bee and couldn't stop to eat a pie in a civilized manner between meetings. I did not enjoy it any less than if it were served to me on a silver platter though I must add. YUM! I bought up shit loads of treats to take away & freeze (2 of each thanks!). Sausage rolls, mushroom pies, veggie pies and pasties. Hellz yeah! And like a buck 80c for Sausage rolls and $2 bucks for the pies. Woot woot! Also got an apple danish. Bugger knows why. A sweet tooth I aint got and surprise, surprise, I thought it too sweet. Give me savoury or give me death!

Other highlights, serious Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda everywhere. Quality. If you know nothing of this lady then it's high time you learn. She funny. She even got her on TV. You may have noticed her at the top of this post, but here's how she get's around these days:

I should not make fun. Apparently she has direct contact with God (that's her above chatting to him about what up in Gaza) and seems to have appropriated the crown for Vegan leadership the world over.

Saving the world is pretty rad. Being Vegan is pretty Rad. And y'know I love the faux Blonde bit. Just not too down on the pseudo-religious bit and the shoving your beliefs down peoples gobs bit.

K. Ranty rant over for now. I'm going to post this so I can get onto the next totally unrelated post.


La Panella, 465 High Street Preston, Melbsies. Go there- you will not be sorry!


OK OK Hosiery

If you don't know about OK OK Hosiery yet then you need to seriously consider GETTING WITH THE PROGRAM! Here are some shots taken by Mr. Phil Darley with the lovely Legs-Malaan. So good..

OK OK tights and socks are made in Brunswick and stocked all over Melbs at a few local favorite retailers- like, FAT stores, Alice Euphemia, RON in Richmond, Milly Sleeping, Kids in Berlin (to name but a few) and now at the Corner Shop in Sydney. Cotton tights, ankle and knee-hi socks, Wool ribbed and flat opaque styles and Nylon Opaques in only like 12 unreal colours.

Come and check them out @ OK OK shop in Brunswick or head to our friends store in your area.


Ahhhh...George..Of course photographed by Phil Darley and all clothes are OK OK AW10.


Oh Hai somebody..Anybody?

Welcome to the official OK OK Blog. I thought I'd get this happening at Blogger as this shit is seriously easy to use and I didn't want to clog up the website with my rambles and rants. I plan on swearing (notice how I said shit earlier- such a bad ass) and Ima thinking probs not the best idea to blog on behalf of the biz with potty key/type??

The idea will be to blog about all things OK OK and anything else I want to tell you about that I'm all over until I'm over it. I love this city and there's a lot of great stuff going on ALL the time so I want to be yet another person to rave about it.


New this week @ OK OK is the introduction of actual staff that are not me or my mates/family (who look after the shop when I'm burning out or jetsetting). New peeps are Miss Carla Wednesday, Lady Cath Sunday and Little Miss Indiana Monday. They're all great girls which I feel safe'n'sound leaving my baby with. Thanks Ladies!

So, the basic info about this here OK OK business is all on the website here I won't bore you with the deets, there's like tonnes of info on there so check it out.

Where le shop is concerned it breaks down like this:

Shop 16 Sparta Pl
459 Sydney Rd
Brunswick 3056

If you come by between these hours, it's a pretty safe bet we're open:
Monday 11-5 (with Indiana)
Tuesday 11-5
Wednesday 11-5 (with Carla)
Thursday 11-5
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-3 (with Cath)

You can contact us here: info@ok-ok.com.au and here 9387 9840.


thanks for reading...