New discoveries in Melbourne Town..

I recently went to a great gig at this new Gallery in Brunswick. I consider myself to be quite a Brunswick-o-phile so of course I love this and plan on going to every single opening from now till the end of time. Sadly I was a little slow with the discovery (or more so lazy/busy to get there sooner)and missed the first couple of shows. Luckily they have a great blog with many pictures for the unfortunates to peruse and covet.

Shows include Max Blackmores 'Shitscapade' (otherwise known as Max Design'n'shit/ also co-owner of this wonderful space). Max's work has been making my days around Brunswick for ages in the way of his artistic wheatpastes (seriously just did about half an hour of research to work out what the hell you call the process he uses- thanks for wasting my youth artschool!). It's a little on the down low but OK OK & Max have a little collaboration project in the works (TBA).

Another discovery worth hollering about is Sunshine & Grease. OK. Here I've been so late on the up-take it's just embarrassing. This place is onto venue 2 and I only just caught wind. Now it makes sense that I didn't know about this one because I'm just a stupid fashion chick but if you consider yourself to be someone who's in the know with all things art and music then you should know about this already. If you don't, shame on you, start redeeming your sorry ass by visiting Pat on Queens Parade in Clifton Hill.

There's a story behind this but I hate to go on (?!) so you should discover it for yourself here keep up to date with all things Gallery and shop related here.

Current show Reverse Engineering runs until Saturday the 26th of June. Make sure you check that they're open on their seriously slick looking website as they tend to keep enviable opening hours.

Thanks Melbourne for being Rad.

More big-ups to come.


Tinning Street gallery
Lot 5, 29 Tinning St, Brunswick (Look out for Max's work on the building).
Sunshine & Grease 9, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill- blink and you will miss it but worth making sure you find it.

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