Holy shit!

Are you there God,

It's me, Emina....

So, the other day people, I had a bit of a religious experience. I am vegan. I went to La Panella. Enough said. Ha, ha. As if. I have no good excuse for having never been to this pastry Mecca before and now that I have been I can only say that it's because I am crazy in the coconut. I kinda knew what I was missing but didn't really know till I got there, know what I mean?

The picture above was stolen from a great blog I read http://veganmelbourne.blogspot.com/. My pie was eaten out of a paper bag with sauce smudged all over it as well as my hands, face, clothes. My car Henry.. You get the messy picture. All this 'cos I'm a self important busy-bee and couldn't stop to eat a pie in a civilized manner between meetings. I did not enjoy it any less than if it were served to me on a silver platter though I must add. YUM! I bought up shit loads of treats to take away & freeze (2 of each thanks!). Sausage rolls, mushroom pies, veggie pies and pasties. Hellz yeah! And like a buck 80c for Sausage rolls and $2 bucks for the pies. Woot woot! Also got an apple danish. Bugger knows why. A sweet tooth I aint got and surprise, surprise, I thought it too sweet. Give me savoury or give me death!

Other highlights, serious Supreme Master Ching Hai propaganda everywhere. Quality. If you know nothing of this lady then it's high time you learn. She funny. She even got her on TV. You may have noticed her at the top of this post, but here's how she get's around these days:

I should not make fun. Apparently she has direct contact with God (that's her above chatting to him about what up in Gaza) and seems to have appropriated the crown for Vegan leadership the world over.

Saving the world is pretty rad. Being Vegan is pretty Rad. And y'know I love the faux Blonde bit. Just not too down on the pseudo-religious bit and the shoving your beliefs down peoples gobs bit.

K. Ranty rant over for now. I'm going to post this so I can get onto the next totally unrelated post.


La Panella, 465 High Street Preston, Melbsies. Go there- you will not be sorry!

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