Oh Hai somebody..Anybody?

Welcome to the official OK OK Blog. I thought I'd get this happening at Blogger as this shit is seriously easy to use and I didn't want to clog up the website with my rambles and rants. I plan on swearing (notice how I said shit earlier- such a bad ass) and Ima thinking probs not the best idea to blog on behalf of the biz with potty key/type??

The idea will be to blog about all things OK OK and anything else I want to tell you about that I'm all over until I'm over it. I love this city and there's a lot of great stuff going on ALL the time so I want to be yet another person to rave about it.


New this week @ OK OK is the introduction of actual staff that are not me or my mates/family (who look after the shop when I'm burning out or jetsetting). New peeps are Miss Carla Wednesday, Lady Cath Sunday and Little Miss Indiana Monday. They're all great girls which I feel safe'n'sound leaving my baby with. Thanks Ladies!

So, the basic info about this here OK OK business is all on the website here I won't bore you with the deets, there's like tonnes of info on there so check it out.

Where le shop is concerned it breaks down like this:

Shop 16 Sparta Pl
459 Sydney Rd
Brunswick 3056

If you come by between these hours, it's a pretty safe bet we're open:
Monday 11-5 (with Indiana)
Tuesday 11-5
Wednesday 11-5 (with Carla)
Thursday 11-5
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 11-3 (with Cath)

You can contact us here: info@ok-ok.com.au and here 9387 9840.


thanks for reading...


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