Men's Fash

Basically, if I were a man, I would be buying up second hand army shit OR in lieu of this (because cool Army fodder has almost disappeared), Burberry Prorsum Menswear. Brilliant save for the massive use of leather (we know I'm not hip to that Jive). I'd also be getting me one of these puppies from Fjallraven (pictured below). I stole this reference from a customer who told me he'd scored one online for a great price. He's rad, like all OK OK folk are and knows what up? in the world of fash' (you know those ones who've done a stint in London? You know?! Of course you do!).

What is it with this army gear obsession I have? I am such a peace-lovin' hippy when it comes to politics and ethics and such and THEN- I have this crazy side where I just loves me a khaki garment built to invade/defend a nation.. I can't even go with the outdoorsy practical excuse because I'm not really. I can and will camp but I'd rather rent a beach house with a dozen friends and drink red wine indoors with a few dozen bottles of red and an open fire. Is it my 80's obsession?? They did the look on Degrassi (I just got sidelined for about an hour looking through pics of Degrassi to get a good example of this and came up naughts- however I did decide that Liz was by far my favourite character- how come all I hear is "Spike this", "Spike that" and don't even get me started on that Caitlin! Ps: NEVER discuss The New Generation with me...). This is totally unrelated but I'm thinking SS10/11 me, this hair circa 1988 sported by Liz O'Rourke (Cathy Keenan)? Thoughts? BTW, my SS10/11 boyfriend will NOT be wearing a Hawaiian shirt a'la Joey let's just get that straight right now.

Where were we?? O man. Off the track, Burberry menswear, Army obsessions, Degrassi, hairstyles... Already looking to Summer... OK. I'm gonna call it a blog post done. Peace out..

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