Just another weekend in Melbourne...

If I have not gone on enough about how much I HEART BRUNSWICK then I have not bared my soul to you yet. Everyone goes on about it, Brunswick is the new Fitzroy but it's not even that. Brunswick is now what Fitzroy and Collingwood were 20years ago. Not to mention the uncanny resemblance between the arts scene in Melbourne around Flinders Lane 15years ago. Brunswick is IT. NOW. Not, 'give it five years', it's NOW. In five years you'll have totally missed the boat. Moreland City Council will have managed to completely fuck it up by then. It'll be gentrified and artless and clean.

The scale of awesome shit happening in the grid of streets once a hub of major manufacturing activity is not to be underestimated. Closed down apparel warehouses are homes for artists and musicians, actors, performers, environmentalist and designers unparalleled anywhere else in this city at the moment. There are galleries sprouting like little magic mushrooms all over the place and offering the same sort of experience. They're independent and lacking the usual pretension you see in many art establishments in Melbourne. They're put together by communities of people who rally together and support each other, live together, party together. They make our coffees, serve us our beers, adorn our buildings with art and colour and vibrance and add a diversity to the personality of our streets.

Are you getting the picuture?

Well people, tonight, there is an event on in the city at Donkey Wheel house, to launch The Brunswick Show. You should check it out. It basically represents everything and almost everyone I have just blabbed about, not the least of which are 2 Archibald prize peeps, Sam Leach and my favourite creative entity in Brunswick, miss Carla Fletcher (big call I know but this lass is WILD!). The show is taking Brunswick to greater Melbourne. I love it. I love the hard work and effort put on by people like the lovely Belinda Wiltshire who also runs the Pea Green Boat studios in Tinning st which houses many of these artists studios. It should totally be called I LOVE BRUNSWICK.

The Brunswick Show Opening 7pm Saturday 10th of July, running till the 23rd of July. At Donkey Wheel House: 673 Bourke St Melbourne (near Southern X station yo!)

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