Just another weekend in Melbourne 2

AOK5 OK OK Nylon Opaque tights in Plum $23
Also happening this weekend and also not to be missed (If I have to be there, then you do too dammit!) is the 50billionth Melbourne Design Market @ Federation Square. Are you joking that you have not been to one yet? Seriously? Do you live under a rock in the Dandenongs?

I will be selling tights. TIGHTS! Tights! TIGHHHHHHHHHTS! Come and say hi, maybe bring me some water and punch out people who aren't waiting their turn for me will you?

I'm scared. This thing gets crazy but is SO FUN & SO WORTHWHILE!

By the way, where is everyone today? Did y'all think this thing was on today?

Ok. Enough said. Get there.

Melbourne Design Market @ Federation Square Car Park, Level 3. 10-5. If you don't know where Federation Square is and you'd like the address for that too, then don't bother.

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