Seriously, how good is Melbourne?

For two weeks, back to back, I've had besties who've moved away, re-visit Melbourne and of course much gallivanting about town has ensued.

Last night was no exception. Sydney bestie and I kicked it in grand style. We dinnered at Wooden Spoon in Smith street, I had the Dengaku Don- YUM! On our way to destination 2, we walked along Gertrude street and caught some of the Projection festival stuff by accident (I'll be back tonight with a glass of red and layers to check it proper). We then checked out Loon Lake at The Workers Club to sample a bit of an unearthed treasure from Geelong. Nothing like seeing a packed out band room at 8pm on a Thursday night! Apparently Beanies are in in a big way amongst the young male folk.

Next stop, Price Band Room St Kilda. I effen love this venue. I know there are a lot of haters but I always enjoy my night over on the other side of the world. Perhaps it's because I probably make the trek about as often as I visit Sydney (twice a year) so it feels like if you're going to make the effort, you want to make the most of it.

We made it just in time to see the start of Big Scary. Holy Shit! I was blown away (am obviously about 1000years behind as it was the first time I'd heard them). Anyway, Tom & Jo killed it.. Jo played the goddamn cymbals like they were a goddamn instrument I'd never heard and rightly so when you're playing songs with 2 people where 1 instrument is a drum kit and the other a keyboard (piano).. [Insert Cymbals as instrument here]. Occasionally I am so overwhelmed by the sheer fabulousness of people that I fantasize about actually being them (Patti Smith, Thea from Blonde Venus in Brisbane, Mel Bower etc.. etc..). I want to be Jo from Big Scary right now more than anyone else in the world. She is that good.

Then Little Red came on and did little to overturn my internal Jury's decision that they are the most overrated band I have ever seen. Big call I know. I don't mean to be a hater by saying this... Clearly I am completely on my own here as they had a seriously booked out, totally raucous crowd losing their proverbial shit over every song like it was THE best song ever written. Girls were in red dresses, hipsters were generally out in full force in support and love for them. I don't think the lads would lose any sleep over not winning me over.

While I appreciated the experience (as a +1), I won't be camping out for tickets or buying the album anytime soon. Sydney Bestie is suitably disturbed by my indifference and vows to put their 'hit' from the new album on a mix tape for me in an effort to turn me. Not that I'd admit it to anyone but I did go to bed with a 'Rock it' ear worm thrashing about incessantly like a soundtrack for my insomnia.

Thursday night in Melbourne in the middle of winter with a good friend = WIN!

Wooden Spoon, 88 Smith Street Collingwood. The Workers Club, 51 Brunswick st Fitzroy. The Prince Band Room @ Prince of Wales, 29 Fitzroy st St Kilda.

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