Cutie Patootie

The wagon and I, sojourned to visit with my big sis' and the neice and nephew yesterday. Amelia A.K.A Milly (pictured sweetly above) referred to her little 1 y.o bro', Jett, as "Cutie Patootie".

I happen to think Miss Milly, that you're pretty "Cutie Patootie" youself, like ALL OF THE TIME, not least of all in the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes your aunty Mina brought over as a gift. Milly was of course to pick out a colour (Yes- I'm crazy enough to actually get VW shoes for toddlers in the store but I draw the line at having 2 pairs of designer shoes before the age of 5- I'm not a total lunatic).

I took this opportunity to play dress ups with her and take poorly lit shots on my Iphone to Blog the shit out of these sweet shoes, surprisingly, the neice wasn't really up for it. She just wanted to dress up in her fairy costume and play this boring fairy game we play. Totally missed the whole fairy thing as a kid. Had they not been invented yet? Yes, I am a killjoy. Look out Santa, you're going down!

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Kids shoes in Blue & Light Peach $105ea @ OK OK. So. Cute.

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