Mexican Sunday ramblings..

Really? 'Trippy'?I trecked to Smith street today, with a spectacular craving for a black bean burrito. Waited for about 15minutes for what turned out to be a cold burrito AND it didn't have any soy cheese despite my ordering and paying for it. Insult to injury? They were playing Massive Attack 'Protection'. That shit has aged and should no longer be played in public. Anyone? Seriously! Upside- knowing the burrito was made in a meatless kitchen :) Most notable downside- it's no Las Olas which is hands down THE best Mexican I have had outside of California- screw you Las Olas for only being located in Torquay and Geelong. They're selling franchises though so can someone please put me out of my misery and open one in Brunwsick? You will make millions (off me). I'd do it my self but I'm sooo busy bloggin'.

Trippy Taco 48A Smith Street Collingwood; Las Olas shitty non Melbourne locations here

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