Last night I joined what felt like everyone in Melbourne, in opening the new 'show' at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. Yeah, it got opened real good.

'Always Moving (A performance laboratory in several parts) brings an active month of performance, sound, cinema, and event-based art to Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS). In a unique exhibition and mini-festival, Always Moving will transform GCAS’ galleries into a lively hub, spanning a broad scope of performance happenings from Australia and abroad. Running alongside the exhibition is the Always Moving Event Series which hosts an unrivalled line up of talented curators, performers and artists.' Word.

The pic above is of one of the pieces obliterated last night by masses of hipsters unleashing their 'week' (take that Monday 11th-Friday 15th of June 2010!). As I watched slender bearded men and be-fringed, waifish lasses in vintage dresses wack the wall with a two-by-four, I pondered whether there would've been less carnage had this opening been on a Tuesday night and had the wine been $5 and not $2. I had had a perfectly wonderful week so didn't feel the need to fuck-shit-up but happily partook in the $2 wine.

Highlight; Bum Creek playing inside a foiled jumping castle contraption with hand held fluoro tubes lighting the figures and their mayhem. How do they come up with this shit? Looked so good, sounded awesome. The last time I saw these guys was at the Muppet tribute show thingy at the Thornbury theater a little while ago. Their
Yip Yip Alien number was hands down the best thing about the whole production (sorry Kamahl!). It was like the video below but dark and like everyone had suddenly had their 'brown' acid kick in. Kids and parents were leaving.. Ahh the lols. I was in total bliss and awe. Last night they totally Yip-Yipped it up again. Round 2 just as good. No but seriously, it was a serious experimental performance and very seriously good. For serious.

Always Moving @ Gertrude Contemporary Arts Space Runs from Now until July 17th. Get comfy with the itinerary as there is some great stuff to view and experience. You shouldn't miss this.

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