This is what's going on..

Mostly, hella bored trawling through images of AW11. I get it, beige is the new black. I get it, pants are short. Yes I get it, pretty much womenswear is all about c**ckblocking.. I get it. Here are a few wins I came across though. Sometimes life is just too stupid you just gotta get ironic, get colourful and get happy!

Are they gloves? Is it a catsuit? I don't effen care I want to dress like Batlady!

Totally amazeballs. Colorz. Letterz. A Whole knitted outfit? This is for me.

As it should be, Jeremy Scott won my heart this season.
Why? Because it's fun. Stop being so serious.

Yes. There is always a yellow theme. Hello! Yellow FTW!

I want this skirt so much I don't even know what to do with myself..

Paisley teamed with paisley over paisley? Hell yes, thanks JW Anderson.

Paisley with matching paisley?

Paisley and hella awesome shoes?

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