Did someone say plastic-fantastic?

I am getting off on being a major Cheese-ball at the moment. Quite the feat considering I'm a Vegan and have no animal products in my make up, except for my sheer animal-magnetism (see! I'm an unstoppable dag machine wrapped up in a dad joke! Hellllp!). These should ease the pain of tragedy...

Gaetano Pesce: Available in Blk, red, beige and clear $155

Patchouli: Available in Red, Black and Beige $145

Vivienne Westwood Wedge: Available in Black, beige and blue $185

Jean Paul Gaultier Stiletto: Available in Neon, black and Olive $260

Vivienne Westwood Ultragirl Bow: Available in blue and black $155

Available at OK OK shop as of Saturday 12th of February!!

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