Very busy, very bloody important

Just read over some posts I've written recently because this is the best blog there is and like you I can't get enough of it. Above is me [proven by the yellow t.shirt & elastic waisted jeans] and how I feel about reading the appalling grammar I've been subjecting you to. Soz. 

See I'm very busy so I type this stream of consciousness nonsense and I think I'm making sense but it would seem that it's all just gibberish. Again. Soz. 

So while this apology for my unacceptable spelling and grammar has taken me a couple of minutes to thrash out, going back and editing each individual post would take like a million painful and boring years and like I said, I am very bloody busy so get over it.

I promise to try harder in the future OR, you could get a life and stop being so clever. Peace out. xx

DUH! Obviously the girl is having a fricken brain hemorrhage 'cos they've asked her to spell hemorrhage at a Spelling Bee. Thanks again Google images for depicting my inner most thoughts in picture format.

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