Cupcakes & friends

Proof of peeps..
While it rains everyone will squish in the shop.. Good thing OK OK is GINORMOUS!
Oh Hai Peter! What up?
Zombie Moments! Rocked out in the Mezzanine..
Birds eye view of a handsome bunch... Hi friends..
Mood lighting.
Cupcakes. Proof of eating.
The boys. 2/3rds of Zombie Moments..Last 3rd far left in white. Hi Lani!
I made these effing cupcakes and you're effing going to eat them. Happy Birthday OK OK!
Mad props to Michael Pham, Phamwich, Pham-mail.. for the pics & his super fun dance stylings AND force feeding everybody cupcakes. A good kid to have around. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO CAME & SUPPORTED US. LOVE! xx

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