Let's SK8 like it '88!

Further to my obsession of ALL things yellow, I am thinking about getting these amazing skateboards at OK OK for the Summer. 

Brunswick is well known for it's very active bike riding community but something about having these POP! plastic boards on our streets carrying hipsters in Vintage from Ray's to the Vic Hotel (we don't want to get puffed out now do we?)appeals to my 1980's heart. 
Penny Complete Skateboards are made here in Australia, fit in your backpack and are a remake of the original plastic injection moulded boards from the mid 70's. They come in under $150! SO, I need some feedback, who thinks this is a good idea for OK OK? Comment on this post or send feedback via email or on Facebook. 

What is the equivalent of Peter Pan for women? Whatever it is, yup! That's me! xx

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