Shoe shot.

Aranha Floc $85/ Sandals.. That means Spring. Do you hear that Melbourne? You can't argue with the sandals!!

My learning disability was out in full force sabotaging my life today. As it does. It is now...how many days till the end of Winter?? Oh, just 7days shy of this event and me? I STILL GOT CAUGHT OUT TODAY! Sunny morning..Of course, don't bother wearing a coat or layers, no, no! It's Spring see. No need. It won't turn, it can't it's too pretty and warm to just fricken back flip on yo ass.... Weekly people. Weekly this is what my day begins with. One way or the other I fail to remember, well, yesterdays mistakes and learn from them... Is it pure stupidity or my dedication to be ever the optimist? Don't answer that.

Joking+Lovefoxxx $95/ They're foxes. See? I have them making out because I am a child.
Ultragirl Animals $95/ Lots of animals available.


On a high note, Melissa shoes came in. Bored with the million and one real things I should be doing like tax, paperwork, design, production, organising the shambolic state of my shop, my business, my life! I thought it was time to try on pretty bubble gum shoes and take photos of them for y'all. I seriously CANNOT believe I ordered so many shoes.. Can. NOT! Also CAN NOT believe how many pairs are coming home with me.


Vivienne Westwood+Ultragirl Bows $155/ Stupid cute..Stupid. Cute.
Marine Flower $90/ Nana time. Pom-pomalicious!
Ultragirl+Alexandre Herchcovitch $140/ Genius..Studded..Digitally printed...Delicious
Vivienne Westwood Zen Girl $135/ From now on when you see me this is what my feet will look like. It's LOVE!

I thought it would simply look weird if I tried on the men's shoes, my feet are freakishly small in proportion to my statuesque physique (ahhhhhhemmm!). So, guys, just letting you know, plenty, PLENTY of new M ZERO's in stock. And by new I mean the ones I already had, a few new colours and more sizes. Because they're perfect and you shouldn't f**k with perfection.

K. Shallow show lady signing off. xx 

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