From Dream to reality..

I have long had an obsession with the colour yellow. It's a particular type of yellow. It ranges from point A. super bright & perfect yellow let's call it, and spans far across the Pantone rainbow to neon yellow (ignore the 'all-the-kids-are-wearing' neon trend- my concern is not with them- this love of Neon yellow is a legitimate and real love- not some flippant 'trendy-must-have-this-season' Love).

It is true of course, that where fashion is concerned, yellow is a misunderstood misfit which clashes with just about everybody's skin tone. Cruel but true. I don't fall into this category and can safely say I look shit-hot in yellow (it's true, I've been told). Mostly though, it's a colour that should be reserved as an accent, a peaking out hint, an accessory colour or part there of. Insert perfect bag of my dreams & in my imagination...

Hello I love you won't you tell me your name?

“Laurent SauvĂ© Beach Sling”.

Be still my beating heart! This bag is Handmade by...Hands, in Portland, Oregon by a label called Vanport Outfitters. This bag appeals most to my heart but the entire range is so on the money it's not even funny, honey.

I am currently working on extracting this bag from my dreams and importing it into my reality.. Just in time for the two of us to welcome Springtime to Melbourne.. Together.. I will love you, Laurent Sauvé Beach Sling and hang with you all the long days of summer...

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