Sheepishly called spring a few days ago *pulls at collar*...

Oh Jil Sander. It's as though you went inside my brain and dragged out the colours of my Spring time dreams... You will see what I mean when you cop an eyeload of OK OK socks range for Summer.. Check out the yellow & aqua below. Represent! OOoooo & AAAAhhh. Reacting heavily against Melbourne Black (although I'm wearing the Melbourne uniform today..'cept my nails are greeeeeeen!).

[There are currently some rad Cats outside my shop here in Sparta place talking about politics.. A well informed discussion of intelligent views.. I want to go out there and join in or ask if they want to share a big Green group hug, but instead I'll just swoon about how much I love Brunswick, how happy I am with my life..so on and so forth...Shooting out positive vibes into the atmosphere that all will come good this evening.]

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