How to give your tired looking Shop a facelift for it's 2nd Birthday

Step 1: Take one ordinary shop (ahem! As if!).
Step 2: Enlist über cool local artist Max Blackmore to conceive, design & execute some awesome shit.
Step 3: Get said artist up a ladder on a dangerously windy day in the wind-tunnel that is, Sparta Place and make yourself useful by holding the ladder (safety first children! Yes, Max & I talked that morning & made sure to co-ordinate his undies to my jumper- these things are very important).
Step 4: Final touches ("Max can you get back up the ladder so I can take a photo from this angle please? Yup, that's good.. Thanxs").

& VOILA! Facelift! Thanks Max. You're rad. Love your work. Love my new shop..

This is a commemorative artist commission for OK OK's 2nd Birthday (eep!). Stay tuned for details of the bash coming sooooon. Bang!

In case I didn't bang on enough about Max in my post earlier on in my Blog spool then here it is again: Max Blackmore AKA Max Design'n'shit @ http://www.maxdesignandshit.com/ & http://www.tinningstreet.blogspot.com/

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