Look at the bright side

Oh Google images! How you shock and delight me! My new funnest game when I'm blogging is to type in a word in google images from which to get a pic for this here blog. Once I typed in Harlequin. Umm.. Scary (still traumatised, can't go into it!).

Today I typed in 'HAPPY', this was not the first picture that came up. Amongst the smiley faces, fluffy kittens, birthday illustrations etc... there are a few questionable porn style images which rake it into the top 10. Oh right of course, Happy New Year spelled out on bare ladies bum cheeks. Sure thing (!).

Ok. My point, Melbourne is tre gloomy this week! Urgh and blurgh! Enough already! Also, despite my tights empire, I am SICK TO DEATH of wearing tights under my jeans and even more sick of negotiating the many layers it takes to keep warm without looking like the Michellan Man (woman- whatevs). Particularly thanks to the already lumpy 'winter coat' one manages to acquire this time of year (thanks slow metabolism/big appetite!).

To cheer myself up, I got me one of these new OK OK skirts to put on today. This picture does not do it justice (let's face it, neither would a 2-D image of my butt in it so this is the desirable option). The skirt is rad. The back is pictured here, it has an ├╝ber chunky zip which has a fake leather trim. This baby is high waisted and thick and stretchy with darts to assist so it hugs ya all over. This little minx is retailing at OK OK exclusively for $129.
Also, these pants are in and brand spankin'. Pictured here very poorly with my Iphone the colour is bullshit amazing! It's like copper & khaki had a baby. The cut is really great too and they are unisex of course. Pleated, high waisted (for the ladies or with room to spare for your junk for the fellas), tapered leg etc... I got the biggest size and wear them really baggy with the cuff rolled up so my sexy little ankle socks are showing (of course there are woolen tights under said socks 'cos it's freezing!). These puppies are $169. They also come in gunmetal which is almost black but not.

Back to the point. This serious winter blues period can only be cured with retail therapy because let's face it, it's time to get the winter coat off so snuggling up with comfort food on the couch with back to back episodes of the Wire is Spring fashion/social suicide (no pressure!).

OK. BACK TO WORK! Now where did I put that motivation...???

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