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Over Your Cities Grass will Grow: Directed by Sophie Fiennes

Like Hi! Yeah I know, I'm a slacker. Don't you know it's MIFF time! MIFF in Melbourne is my favourite time of year. I was too far up my own hiney to get there last year and too fricken broke with the small business caper but am back with a vengeance this year. Proudly I would boast that this spectacular festival is quite seriously world class. I should know as it is the only Film Festival I have ever been to so this gives me authority to make wild sweeping statements like that.

So I've seen lots, nothing's managed to bowl itself into my top 10 or anything like that but some goodies have been viewed (and we're only half way through so stay tuned!).

The pick so far was 'Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow', a doco come experimental-soundscape piece by Sophie Fiennes on prolific German artist Anselm Keifer.

What grabbed me by the shirt collar here more than anything, truth be told, was the scope of the subject matter itself. The documentary style was pretty clumsy, with the sound and visual sequences of the works probably the most triumphant, albeit long for some it seemed(many people were walking out.. Boredom? Short attention span??).
This picture has nothing do do with anything- I didn't even see this doco but I like the forboding Toad dude and it's nice to have pics in your post.

What eventually took my breath away was the combination of seeing the processes applied, materials used, man power needed to develop the too many to count or comprehend, pieces in Anselms' manufactured landscape. I am not even going to try to explain... It's beyond me..

What else...?? Hah! I am bored with this post! Point really was to say how awesomely life consuming and fulfilling I find MIFF and to urge you if you're in Melbourne to go to there. It will most definitely be worth your while checking out the program.

Trash Humpers: Harmony Korin

My hot tip is to see as much obscure stuff as you can as it might be the only time you'll get to see it. The 'good' films will be at Nova soon enough. This is risky as it means there's probably more chance that it will suck then blow your mind BUT you'll feel good for going all arthouse and trying new things. And despite the shitfull reviews I've heard about Harmony Korines Trash Humpers I AM going to see it, love it or hate it, because he is a genius. Eff-off naysayers for urging me not to bother.

Go and see a movie before it's back to Knife-point shopping centre for shit Rom Coms for the rest of the year!

Love, Love x

Melbourne International Film Festival/ Check the website for all the details you require for your film adventures. And go and see Trash Humpers/ Greater Union Cinema Wed 4th 915pm & Sat 7th 445pm: If you hate it you can blame your damn self for going- How shit does it look in that picture (&by shit I mean awesome! Maybe we have different tastes). I'm so going to regret this I can feel it!

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