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Once again, the Melbourne Design Market managed to deliver a stupendous day for all involved. If you came by you would know what I mean. My sister and I worked our butts off selling OK OK tights like maniacs. It was fun!

What's news for OK OK? Well, I have just got a new lot of the Spring socks in store for y'all. Very exciting. Kind of a bit of a tease really. These are going to look so, so great with our summer frocks and skirts and shorts and cute sandals and... Please be over Winter. I'm bored with you (not really- winter is Rad I totally jest). Pics soon. For now, I blog whilst 10 boxes of socks sit in a changeroom and all over the shop (pardon the pun- HA!). Also for now, we will have to do the ankle sock and tights combination (which is by the way my favourite look this winter). As far as what's on offer, think bright thoughts and candy 'cos that's what these puppies are...

What else.. Man, OK OK's friend SATU dropped off some stock yesterday for the ladies. So cute! We only have 2 dresses, a skirt and a jacket but don't trust this 'only' business, these 4 pieces are amazing. Love it all, but how good is the pic above of the Country Girl dress?

Also, just picked up a selection of knitted goodies from Brunswick made Otto & Spike yesterday which I spent half the morning merchandising. I almost lost my shit at their knitting factory yesterday- just down the road from OK OK! I am such a nerd- the machines these guys have! The stuff that was being made! Freakin' awesome. Am so happy to have more great products from clever kids in Melbourne.

Incidently, I wish I'd gone to the Loon Lake gig BEFORE going in to Otto&Spike to pillage the factory of it's wares. I was standing there scratching my head amongst guys beanies wondering what the boys were wearing these days (because I am old and out of the loop clearly). To be honest I was kind of going aren't beanies a bit daggy? Yeah; No! Young boys in long beanies looking pretty great last night at THE WORKERS CLUB I have to say.

Totally unrelated, but I typed 'condom looking beanie' in google to find out what you call this particular type of beanie (cited above unimaginatively as 'long beanie') and came across nothing very helpful but I did find this picture of Damian Marley:

It disturbed me to no end. I will end this post by saying please, please boys and girls. No more dreads.. Please. It's 2010. Please dear god no.

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