It will hurt my feelings if you don't come...

This is your official invite to my party. OK OK turns 2. Major draw cards are probably the kick ass entertainment, 3 piece band Zombie Moments & dj Mr.Mister & if I know you, which I do, cupcakes, champagne & beer just might sweeten the deal. To top it off I'll throw in some gifts & hugs.
@OK OK Shop 16 Sparta Place, 459 Sydney Rd Brunswick. Thursday 19th of August from 6-9pm. If the font size doesn't burn that into your retina & through to your memory bank then I will be sure to send you a reminder....x OK OK

(PS: This is a disclaimer to say that the cupcakes, will be Vegan AND there is a chance I might not even make them if I'm too busy so don't come just for the sweets..I promise I will try though.. Hugs will depend on how I'm feeling as well so if you're coming for the express purpose of a hug you might be disappointed- if you really need it, I will do my best. What else?? Oh, I'd really love you to come so please come! And please, please use up your xmas and birthday wishes to ward off rain for the evening otherwise we're screwed.. There will be an after party at the VICTORIA HOTEL just around the corner for anyone who wants to continue with the celebrations, I haven't asked them if I can have the party there yet so hush! Last thing, Mr. Mister is his real name, it's not a DJ name- believe it even though Facebook doesn't.)

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