Dancing & Politics

Is it bad form to talk politics when your blog is intertwined with your business??? Ha ha ha... See how I asked that question like I care about etiquette. As if.

I am voting in the Melbourne Electorate. I'm psyched. Despite the fact that Australian politics actually makes me Larf my ass off, I will for the first time EVER feel that my vote is actually going to mean something.


In other, unrelated news, I was starting to think that perhaps I was turning into a bit of a wanker. Blah, blah MIFF this, look at me I watch films about artists and important artistic movements in New York in the 70's & 80's.

Sunday. Hangover. Victoria Gardens. Hoyts. Sprite. 3-D glasses. 1xBFF AND... Step up 3-D. Because y'all are so effing highbrow & have not most likely even heard of this movie, above is the trailer for your viewing.

Oh my god so funny! All I can say is 0% body fat, ZERO story line & NO actors (apparently you can make a movie without actors, who woulda thunk it). What it DID have were starved, plastic children, who admittedly could dance, were dressed in NIKE & filmed doing dance routines then they sticky taped said scenes with some other random RIDICULOUS scenes where they talk to each other (not sure why they bothered) added a hip-hop & R&B soundtrack and called it a film.

So, so bad that it was hysterical.

Consider me leveled.

Vote bitches! Saturday 21st of August find out where @ http://www.aec.gov.au/election/where-can-i-vote.htm

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