! ! !

Amazonas ALL COLOURS $140

Violatta in Blue, burgundy, black and orange $95

Liberty in Yellow, watermelon, gold, black and beige $110
Preview... I know. Melissa. WTF?! 

These are on their way. Along with others and I'm scared. They're HOTT, yes, but I have millions of the rest of the summer range still in store. Come in for up to 40% off current styles. Available on sale only until these guys arrive and mingle with their plastic sisters. 

In store at OK OK hopefully by the 19th of Novemeber (like in 2 weeks!!!). 


  1. STOP STOP! I love those freaking sandal wedges! Did you say 40 PERCENT OFF?

  2. Hey miss. I know, the wedgies are ace. I mean UP TO 40% off the ones that are already in the shop (which you have seen). These are new and will be in in a couple of weeks and will be full price. Pretty hot though! xx