Flattop Shine Black $59

Flattop Shine Tortoiseshell $59

1/2 Framed Slims Black $59

1/2 Framed Slims Tortoiseshell $59

Beveled Flattop Matte Black $59

Beveled Flattop Matte Tortoiseshell $59

Slim Cats-eye Black $59

Round lens thick frame Black $59

Glasses 1/2 Gold frame Black $59

Glasses 1/2 Lens Black $59
It's Spring...Right...I know I originally called it 5 years too early.. But it is now..Isn't it?? Well it's definitely Spring today, there's no disputing that fact. I know because I can't motivate myself to do anything but sit in the sun, sunnies on, smiling at passers by, scoffing at all the work I 'should' be doing. 

Then I remembered that the awesome genuine Vintage sunnies I've ordered from the States should be here very soon. Just in time I'd say. 

If you see anything you like above, put in your order people, I only ordered 2 of each style and at $59 I'm thinking they're not going to last very long... 

Seriously...Email me and let me know what you want and I'll call you when they are in my hot little hands. info@ok-ok.com.au

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