I shit you not I saw this jacket being made..Stud by stud by stud..
This model is bullshit! Cannot believe this shoot, the trackies! The whole look. Love it!
My friend Cami & her pal Nadia have this label called DI$COUNT. If you haven't heard all about these crazy bitches, then you need to get out more. Or read more. I'm here to educate you either way because this is one of those ones where possibly the most significant thing I may ever do is be the first person to tell you about these guys. Before they are so fucken rich and famous Cami will renounce ever knowing me. 

These guys graduated from RMIT fashion 5minutes ago (a.k.a LAST YEAR) and now... They have the Spring Racing festival window covered at Miss Louise with their one off, hand made jackets. Yes, I did say Miss Louise, yes that is on Collins street and YES, that is exactly next door to Chanel.... 

This isn't the most significant thing they've done, just the most recent. What else have they done? Well they have the best BLOG on planet earth that's what, they've dressed M.I.A (yup! cop that!), and have their bespoke label of fucken mentalness launched and happening from a studio in the city. 

Now I could go on and on and onandonandon right and I could light up this blog with a million crazy pictures which I would lift from their blog BUT I'm going to give you homework instead. Go and read it from top to tail (I have done this because it is worth doing).


Di$count basically makes me feel like I am a one hundred year old nancy pants, boring vegan who wears Kmart clothes and requires assistance from Tena Lady products.. They're seriously that good. No exaggeration ;) For those who know me well, I do not exaggerate. Ever. 

But seriously, I love them and you will too and if you don't then for gods sake pretend that you do and you will get into all of the cool parties. And if you have a couple of grand spare, buy a jacket, one day they'll be worth millions. True story.  

Gush gush gushety gush.. Get reading at the link above!

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