New Beginnings

Happy new Year!

We closed for a week- and because I am a manic, instead of taking a week off after the sheer insanity of the  appropriately named silly season, I thought hey, let's renovate the shop. It's been 3 and a half years (Believe!) and it was time to freshen it up a little. Mostly because let's face it- there were things about the space that having been working for us since the beginning.. Like, for example the ever diminishing space/storage and the ever growing amount of stock/lines we are representing. 

So what's for 2012? Well, first things first, we're having a bit of a kick ass sale on almost everything in the store so we can make room for the new seasons things that will start arriving pretty soon. Make that 20% off clothes that are not marked down already (excluding ONLY the Qoo Qoo hoodie which only JUST arrived last week when we were renovating- it's $199). Also 20% off all full priced Melissa shoes AND up to 40% off our socks and hosiery..

Next, well, we're going to be getting in the AW12 hosiery range. Lookie here...
AW12 Nylon Dots: $30

And what else. Well, well, we're taking this range with us to Tokyo. Mmmhmmm. We're showing at a trade Fair called Rooms. I'm thrilled, terrified, overwhelmed.. But am certain it will be AMAZING and having a few extra days to play in Japan is pretty rad too. Hit me up with suggestions of your favourite things to do in Tokyo will ya. I want to go crazy there :)

The other huge thing we'll be doing is FINALLY getting a kick-ass online store happening. Yes, for reals (I have 12 months to make this happen but hope it will be much sooner so DEFINITELY expect it!). 

That's all for now folks.. More updates as they arise. Thanks for the support last year and hope our friendship continues through the new year. Love!


  1. How excite!! Can't wait to get those hose! Great news about Tokyo too - hope to bump into you soon E.

    - Leen

  2. hEY gURlie!!!!

    I wanna gareth pugh and melissa black patent sandal!! When can I come get!??!!? xxxxx

    pssst. camijames.blogspot.com

  3. I will have to come in for a visit sooooooon!
    In Tokyo, the Mori Art Museum is kinda special mori.art.museum/eng
    Cerissa x

    1. Lady C! Wowsers, I am totally going to that Museum. Want to hear everything! It's been ages, come and say HI! xx

  4. so exciting you get your show your wears to an international audience! they are well deserved of some worldwide fans. i have many many tokyo tips if you need them. and dying for polka dot tights!

    1. Thanks Beci! I do hope it goes well too :) Absolutely would LOVE some hot tips for TOKYO I want to pack every second I'm there with madness befitting of the city it self. Cheers! Oh, tights coming soon, will keep you posted ;)