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What a year! So much has happened, not the least of which was replacing my much loved Courier New font with Futura (where have you been all my life!).  &So now it's December in 5 minutes which means that Christmas is precisely seven & a half minutes away! Are you prepared? Don't stress, no one who has a life is. But maybe you should be thinking about getting your stuff together.. yes? Well, we're here to help you. Don't fret. 

My compadres and I in humble Sparta Place are having a lil' VIP shopping event next Friday the 2nd of December from 5-8pm. The deal is, with our world in chaos & it's economy in the pooper, there's never been a better time to get local. So we thought if we help you knock over your xmas shopping in one night by being super helpful, giving you some Champers to help you along and a discount of 10% off in thanks, you in turn can help to support us to stay around to fight another year. Sounds like not a bad plan right?

How's about I give you my top 10 tips for Chrissy presents at OK OK this year to tantalize you with the prospect a little more?

1: OK OK Socks and Hosiery//Made in Brunswick
Carla and I have been putting together neat little pack combinations of socks and tights. Great as stocking fillers, K.K and even a stand alone gift:
UNISEX SOCKS: 4 PACK assorted colours and patterns $30
WOMEN'S SOCKS: A 4 PACK assortment from the Bamboo, cotton rib & cotton Geometry ankle socks or cotton rib knee hi's $40
TIGHTS: A 4 PACK of/ Stripes $60Bamboo $70Nylon Opaques $50. A 4 PACK mixing up any 4 pairs $60!

2:OK OK 3 PACK of Sweatshop Free Cotton T.Shirts for Men& Women.. 
You know about these, they're a winner! Works out to be 1 free t.shirt. $100

3: O Clock: New Watches!
$54 and you can swap the bands and the face or buy a spare face for $32 or a spare band $22! Silicon, Italian, bands are sized, customizable. There's also a Fluoro 80's range, same price. Of course there is..

4: Tie Ups!
Awesome belts made in Italy- totally Cruelty free and customizable! You can mix'n'match the buckles and the belts and cut it to size to wear on the hip or on the waist. There's a Slim-cut and a standard width. They're unisex (which we LOVE). BEST colour range and the packaging is awesome. $55, Italian made & extra buckles can be bought separately for $15.

The range is large! We have heaps of colours and our new favourites are the crazy neon nylon foldable backpacks for $39. Such a good gift- tre practical!

6: Ann Brennan Prints
You saw them at the launch... Or maybe you didn't? Well they're hanging beautifully about the shop and would make a unique gift with editions of only 30. Large prints are $210 Framed, $100 unframed. Small prints are $145 framed and $65 unframed. Stunning!

7: Melissa Shoes
Having taken over our little shop- we're now housing them in the Mezzanine, it's like our own Melissa Pop up! We're not JUST a shoe shop after all... The range is actually their best EVER. We're offering 10% off the first pair of shoes on the night but when you buy a second pair, that pair (of lesser value) will get 20% off. We're just good that way. Heels for the parties, sandals for the day? WIN!

8: MAN Jewellery
We sold out of the 1st lot (we knew you'd love 'em!). Have re-order more stock. New styles even crazier than before. Still limited stock though so maybe you need to tell someone that all you want for christmas is...

New Qoo QOoOK OK basics, Jamie FameSatu- it's all going to be 10% off- even if it's already on sale. Ya dig?

So you came along and drank too much champagne and now you're too light headed to decide. But you know your girlfriend would have no trouble picking something out herself (as if you'd get it right anyway...am I right?) DON'T stress- we will make you up a shit-hot OK OK Gift Voucher to whatever denomination you want.. Told you we were here to help.  

So you're planning to knock over all your gifts in the one night because you want to actually enjoy your December? You CAN! Between us at OK OKMelody Nelson, Ruby Patootee, Arbor & Love & Lust you can't lose and hey, while you're at it get your pamper on at Corrine's hair Lounge & Jet nails. It's all about the whole experience you see. We'll even have a DJ playing some music outside to add to the atmosphere. 

Good! You're sold! Well I guess I will see you there then won't I?? 

Gushy Silly season lovin' from the crew at OK OK to our Beloved Customers. Thanks for the Support. 


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  1. Any Veronica Darling sizes in the Melissa's Emina? Can't make Friday (in olde Sydney), but will blog about you now! xoxo