Tragically Hip

For what it's worth, being a local someplace really has its merits. I wonder sometimes, what a tree or sea change would be like. What it would be like to move to Castlemaine, Kyneton or Lancefield like so many people I know seem to be doing. I see the appeal sometimes, sometimes not so much. Yesterday, driving back the scenic route from Golden Plains (Meredith) a charmingly sunny day, roads one car wide and greenery and quaintness in abundance, I was drawn in by the idea. This country thing I get but moving to a country town...What's the true appeal? Is it the community thing?

You know by now that I'm mad about my beloved Brunswick. Bonkers for it. And why? Well, I guess that in this little pocket of my home town, I have truly found my sense of community within the tentacles of Sydney rd, Lygon street, Albion... Victoria, Albert, Glenlyon.... This is partly due to having lived in and around Brunswick proper for quite a few years now, but more due to the fact that I have nurtured my business here. And it's the community of business owners and locals alike which has really developed my big Brunswick crush into a full blown love affair.

Likewise, I make sure that I support local small business too where I can. I'd likely count myself somewhat of a fixture at least at a couple of places. Not the least of which is A Minor place at which I have been drinking coffee and eating beans since their very first week of opening (ok so they didn't quite have the beans happening there yet but the coffee yes). Last week I was thrilled to pop into Hootan and Jono's newest venture Wide Open Road in Barkly Street, conveniently located about a 3minute stroll from my place and on the way to work. 

Beautifully fitted out and with some of my favourite familiar faces from A Minor Place (Tommy!!!), I think I just found a new space at which to become a part of the furniture. If you're cursed with a coffee obsession, you will not be disappointed with their offering. Cannot vouch for the menu yet, I think they're sans beans thus far, but you should definitely go and check it out. Yay for the ever growing expansion of the small business community in Brunswick!!

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  1. I love this post!!
    also i love your blog which i dont check out nearly often enough!!
    I also feel very strongly about brunswick, I've only been here about 18 months now but the community here is splendid! I just love it! though I'm noticing a lot of recent shop changes that i'm not so enthused about. (dominoes?)