Have you ever seen such a thing??

From time to time, we get some pretty outrageous looking Melissa shoes. I mean why not? They make them, we get them and wear them and cherish them. Such previous favourites were the Vivienne Westwood Wings..How good were they? Pretty bloody good I'd say! And the Zaha Hadid's? Yeah, amazing. Just in at OK OK are the new keraizees of the season. I'm sure you've seen them in the paper, heard about them... Here they are and what's with this customisation business?

This is where it begins...

 If this isn't a good enough reason to love Melissa then I don't know what is!!! So amazing...

The designer is Gaetano Pesce, a 71 year old Italian industrial designer. Check out his stuff here. I think you'll agree that the collaboration was inspired!

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